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    Anping Maituo Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd

    Hotline: 86-15233287666

    Contacts: Manager Li

    Tel: +86-0318-7563780

    Fax: +86-0318-7563780

    Phone: 86-15028771742(Alice Sun)

    Wechat: 18830167666

    E-mail: sales@maituowiremesh.com

    Add: 1200 meters southeast of taicheng village, anping county, hengshui city, hebei province

Recommended products
  • Black annealed wire
    Black annealed wire
  • Electro galvanized wire
    Electro galvanized wire
  • Hot dipped galvanized wire
    Hot dipped galvanized wire
  • PVC coated wire
    PVC coated wire
  • Cutting wire
    Cutting wire
  • Reinforcement binding wire
    Reinforcement binding wire
  • Common nail
    Common nail
  • Barbed wire
    Barbed wire
  • Razor barbed wire
    Razor barbed wire
  • Hexagonal wire mesh
    Hexagonal wire mesh
  • Chian link mesh
    Chian link mesh
  • Stainless steel wire mesh
    Stainless steel wire mesh
  • Expanded metal mesh
    Expanded metal mesh
  • Perforated metal mesh
    Perforated metal mesh
  • Welded wire mesh
    Welded wire mesh
  • Window screen
    Window screen
  • Square wire mesh
    Square wire mesh
  • Hexsteel

Profile of Maituo metal wire mesh company 【More+】

Anping Maituo Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd

Anping Maituo Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. Is located in the largest production base of wire mesh, with "Chinese silk screen of the township" reputation within the territory of hebei anpingxian, west of beijing-guangzhou railway and jing-shen highway, east beijing-kowloon railway and beijing-shanghai expressway, the south has stone yellow high-speed is linked together, with a large logistics center, to all parts of the country.
Our main production and processing of various specifications: black annealed wire,galvanized wire,PVC coated wire,cutting wire and other metal wire series products; barbed wire, razor barbed wire,hexagonal wire mesh,chian link mesh,stainless steel wire mesh,welded wire mesh and other wire mesh series products;triangle bend fence,chain link fence,farm fence,square steel fence,SNS protection mesh and other fence series products... 【More+】

Maituo wiremesh- Our Factory

We have specialized in this field for about 10 years experience

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